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Food-scrap recycling services for residential and commercial clients.

Share your bin to reduce cost and clutter, or choose a private bin if that's right for you.

Who we serve



Shared bins

Shared bins appear on our map for others to subscribe to.

Only pay for the space you need.

Ideal for city blocks and multi-unit buildings.

Private bins

Private bins do not appear on our map.

For when you need all the space, or don't have a publicly accessible location.

Control who subscribes to your bin by sharing a private link.

Ideal for property managers, suburbs, businesses, and high volume users.

What else we can recycle

Block Bins are dedicated-stream recycling bins.

By collecting one material per bin, we enable better recycling options.

Request Block Bins for these materials, or contact us to add the recycling services your community needs.

Shipping Materials