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Chicago's Curbside Compost Service

Block Bins are compost & recycling bins that you can request and share.

The most


way to compost & recycle.

Get started

We might already have a bin near you. If not, request a bin at your residence.


Shared bins = Less cost & less clutter

Only pay for the space you need.

Ideal for city blocks and multi-unit buildings.

Our team regularly empties and power washes your Block Bin. Pickups occur every two weeks, and in winter low-volume bins are picked up every four weeks. Contact us if you need more frequent pickups.


Think of subscribing as “renting” a given volume of a Block Bin.

You pay for a certain volume in a Bin, and your neighbors (other subscribers) do the same.

Most subscribers (households of two) require 10 gallons per month, but we can customize plans to your fit your needs.

Plans start at just

$10 /month

per month

$15.00 (estimate)

1-2 people
3-5 people
6+ people

No bills to divide.

Splitting a compost bill with neighbors is a drag.

Share the cost without needing to share a subscription.

Block Bins are locked bins

Keep out contamination and prevent messes.

View codes anytime on your profile page.

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