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Compost Guide

Store your food scrap in a container in your freezer, and take it out when it gets full. This prevents odors, stays cleaner, and reduces your trips to the Block Bin.

We recommend you seal all your food waste in BPI Certified Compostable Bags (ASTM D6400) before making deposits. This keeps the bin cleaner and reduces flies.

Essentially all organic matter can be recycled. However, rotting meat, rancid oil, spoiled milk, and feces will cause the Block Bin to smell. Please do not deposit these materials.

Please lock the Block Bin and do not share the lock code with people not covered by your subscription.

Time your deposits to be closer to the pick up day when possible.

Common compostables and Contaminants

Yes Avocados and pits
Yes Bones from cooking
Yes BPI Certified Compostable Bags & Films
Yes Bread
Yes Coffee Filters & Tea Bags
Yes Coffee Grounds
Yes Cooked Food
Yes Dairy (Solid - Small quantities only)
Yes Egg Shells
Yes Food Scrap
Yes Meat Scraps (Small quantities only, deposit in paper bags close to pickup day)
Yes Paper Napkins
Yes Paper Towels (chemical-free)
Yes Pizza Boxes
Yes Plant Matter
Yes Soiled paper (Non-glossy, plastic-free)
Yes Yard Waste
No Cartons
No Dairy (Liquid)
No Diapers
No Excess oils (>4oz)
No Feces
No Lint
No Paper coffee cups
No Pet Waste
No Plastics
No Produce Stickers
No Receipts
No Rigid biodegradeable & compostable plastics
No Rubber Bands
No Twist Ties