Food scrap recycling guide


Best Practices:

  • Store your food scrap in a container in your freezer, and take it out when it gets full. This prevents odors, stays cleaner, and reduces your trips to the Block Bin.
  • Essentially all organic matter can be recycled. However, rotting meat, rancid oil, spoiled milk, and feces will cause the Block Bin to smell. Please avoid these materials.
  • Please note that raw/cooked meat and fish will cause odors. Please put these in a paper bag before disposal.

What can you recycle with Block Bins?


Food Scrap

Coffee Grounds

Coffee Filters & Tea Bags


Meat Scraps

Cooked Food

Plant Matter

Pizza Boxes

Egg Shells

BPI Certified Compostable Plastics

Soiled paper (Non-glossy, plastic-free)

Bones from cooking


Produce Stickers

Twist Ties

Rubber Bands

Excess oils (>4oz)

Pet Waste



Paper coffee cups


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