Food scrap recycling guide


Best Practices:

  • Please seal all your food waste in BPI Certified compostable bags during hot summer months to keep flies away.
  • Essentially all organic matter can be recycled. However, rotting meat, rancid oil, spoiled milk, and feces will cause the Block Bin to smell. Please avoid these materials.
  • Please note that raw/cooked meat and fish will cause odors, and in summer months can attract flies and larvae. Please put meat scrap in a paper bag, and then seal it in a compostable bag with the rest of your kitchen scraps before disposal.
  • You can use any container you like to collect food scrap. You can purchase a 5 gallon bucket and line them with a compostable bag. You can also use a counter top container and use compostable liners.
  • Store your food scrap in a container in your freezer, and take it out when it gets full. This prevents odors, stays cleaner, and reduces your trips to the Block Bin.

What can you recycle with Block Bins?


Food Scrap

Coffee Grounds

Coffee Filters & Tea Bags


Meat Scraps

Cooked Food

Plant Matter

Pizza Boxes

Egg Shells

BPI Certified Compostable Plastics

Soiled paper (Non-glossy, plastic-free)

Bones from cooking


Produce Stickers

Twist Ties

Rubber Bands

Excess oils (>4oz)

Pet Waste



Paper coffee cups


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