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Chicago, IL

Current services:

Chicago's Compost Solution

Serving Chicago since 2018

Block Bins started in Chicago from just a handful of requests made by citizens

Over 200 tons of food scrap diverted from landfills

Accepting requests:

Dedicated Plastic Recycling

No more asking “Is this plastic recyclable?” Recycle all clean plastics #1-#7

We use a state-of-the-art recycling facility that recycles any type of plastic

Start a new program

Crowdfunding meets composting

Start compost & other recycling programs in your city, without all the government bureaucracy.

Create compost & recycling programs out of thin air. No door-knocking or lobbying required. Just request bins with your like-minded neighbors using our real-time map.

100 Requests

is all your city needs to start a composting or recycling service.

Recycle anything

Recycle anything. Dedicated stream recycling for different materials.

Refer & earn

Earn a free month by sharing Block Bins.

Built & Run by your community

Your community’s haulers can run the Block Bins program in your area, or we’ll build you a local collections team.

Haulers can contact us to learn more.